ScholarChip: Campus Security Products

School shooting tragedies across the country have demonstrated the need for pro active and improved school security.  While security and technology solutions cannot completely solve the problem, they can significantly help save lives and improve law enforcement and public safety response.

ScholarChip is one of the largest providers of smart card IDs for the K-12 market and also one of the largest providers of payment gateway and electronic signature solutions for the Higher Education community. Their K-12 ASP smart card solution has rapidly grown into an advanced and comprehensive security and multi-point attendance platform that is being used in school districts from major urban to suburban and rural areas.

The key to effective campus security is taking an integrated and centralized approach, which is at the core of ScholarChip's Campus Security products, which we have detailed below. 

ScholarChip Photography & Card Issuance Station


The mobile station has all the components necessary to rapidly photograph, register and print cards. The system ensures that only valid students are photographed. The student roster can be sorted and grouped by a variety of parameters. Multiple photographs can be taken and will be automatically corrected and attached to the student database.

The Issuance Station also includes a full-color card printer with an integral contactless smart card encoder to provide one-step printing and encoding of the cards. The encoding is web-based through Secure Socket Layer channel (SSL) to ensure that a student has only one valid card at any one time and to prevent tampering or issuance of multiple valid cards. 

Physical Access Solution


Access to buildings and secure areas is critical to campus safety and may be seen as an attendance event. ScholarChip’s access system is integrated natively into the platform requiring no additional software or management tool, resulting in both lower costs and ready installation. By integrating secure door access features into the centralized platform, access rights are guaranteed to always be accurate by a school’s management systems. Appropriate card holders are added and removed automatically, resulting in a secure and easily managed system.

Instant Mass Notification & Alert System

Mass notification is critical to operational efficiency and campus safety. ScholarChip’s notification service is integrated natively into the platform and the system interfaces with ScholarChip kiosks, while alerting all members via landlines, cell phones, text message and e-mail.

Attendance Kiosk


Mobile kiosks are designed to be multi-purpose and to be where needed. Building attendance and large group attendance data is captured when students tap their card onto one of the two readers placed atop the kiosk. When a student taps their ID card, the system displays a photo of the student to the student and kiosk operator, with average speed of 45-50 students/minute/kiosk.

Kiosks may be configured to generate audio and a visual alert for students with open attendance or discipline issues. Kiosks may be used to display a student-specific message issued by school administrators, to provide administrators with a tool for timely intervention.                

Schools use the kiosks for a variety of attendance functions including:
• Real-time building attendance 
• Student entry & egress reporting 
• Exception alerts and student specific messaging
• Late arrival automation & late pass generation
• Temporary student ID generation  
• Cafeteria entry monitoring 
• Large group and event attendance
• Staff entry and egress reporting and time clock functionality

Kiosks are fully integrated with ScholarChip Tier l architecture and are both self-configuring and self-monitoring.

Card Based Classroom Attendance


ScholarChip’s dynamic reporting can identify “at risk” attendance issues and help to identify attendance trends in creating retention strategies.

ScholarChip® card-based classroom attendance simplifies and speeds the taking of classroom attendance down to the tap of a card. Card-based attendance requires little or no instructor intervention, resulting in more time on task. Depending on class size, card readers may be wall-mounted or connected to the classroom PC. Card-based attendance reduces the inconsistencies seen when instructors take classroom attendance, providing administrators with more reliable and uniform attendance reporting.

Colleges and Universities
In college and university settings automated classroom attendance may be used to capture a student’s fulfillment of class time requirements.


In a K-12 environment the application identifies each student as On-Time Present, Late Present, or if no card taps are detected, as Absent. These three time deltas define ‘Present’ and ‘Late’ within the length of the period. K-12 classroom attendance data is automatically reconciled with building attendance data. Class cuts are reported as they happen. Students that tap into class without having first been recognized at a building entry kiosk are reported.

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