School Safety & The School Resource Officer

 An integral part of any Safe City is the ability to secure educational institutions and guarantee that schools have measures in place in the case of an emergency. The school security debate continues in this country as school shootings and violence continue to make headlines. The appropriate measures to institute effective school security are hotly debated and range from panic alarms, CCTV, and armed guards. However, one important and often over looked aspect of this equation is the training of school personnel and students in the necessary emergency response plans that must be implemented in the event of a crisis. Posting a School Resource Officer on campus is a great way to not only educate teachers on emergency response plans but also to guarantee that a safety expert can take charge and lead the implementation of any emergency plans when a crisis occurs.

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) has provided a great audio interview, which we have included below, and a downloadble PDF presentation here. 


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