The Evolution of Terror Since 9/11

By Safe Cities Solutions, April 17, 2013

The recent tragedy in Boston has yet again reminded us of the present dangers that terrorism poses to our way of life and so far has left us with more questions than answers.  Since 9/11 there have been about 63 foiled terrorist plots targeting the US, and in the decade following 9/11 these plots have evolved in numerous ways.  Believe it or not, the US has been successful in combating Al Qaeda, however in doing so terrorists have had to improvise and learn their trade craft on their own, often being unable to communicate with actual Al Qaeda operatives or travel abroad to receive training.  

It is still unclear who is responsible for the attack in Boston and the range of suspects is too wide to speculate.  It could very well turn out to be that a white supremacist group or other was responsible rather than a radical Islamic group.  I've attached a 2012 report published by The Heritage Foundation, which documents foiled terrorist attacks since 9/11.  While the document focuses on Islamic terrorist organizations, and we do not know who is responsible for Boston, it is useful in examining the evolution of homegrown terrorism tactics in order to have a better understanding of what similar attacks may look like in the future and of the event in Boston itself.

Click Here to Download The Heritage Foundation Report

Picture Published by the  Heritage Foundation

Picture Published by the Heritage Foundation